You have just finished a carbohydrate-rich dinner and are hanging out on the couch watching football. Indicate in the table which metabolic enzymes are likely activated or inhibited in the liver.

A Carbohydrate Rich Meal on Hepatic Metabolic Enzymes

Research has shown that carbohydrates have an impact on liver metabolic enzymes. The body releases insulin after eating a carbohydrate rich meal, like a pasta or hamburger with buns. This insulin binds to cells and activates anabolic pathways, resulting in increased glucose, lipogenesis, cholesterol synthesis, and other benefits (Xu, 2016). In addition, insulin directly inhibits gluconeogenesis, fat acid oxidation and ketogenesis (Han, et al. 2018).
After eating a carbohydrate rich dinner, it is likely that the enzymes involved in cholesterol synthesis and glycogenesis will be activated. Those likely to inhibit are those related to gluconeogenesis and fatty acidoxidation. This is the natural response to the intake of carbohydrate into the body. It serves to redirect energy into anabolic pathways that help to store glucose and lipids.

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