You have identified a new receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) which you have designated XAX. XAX has sequence homology to the RTK MET, which has an important role in cancer. You are interested in studying whether XAX is a potentially valuable target against which to develop therapeutics for treatment of cancer patients. Name two tests would you perform to determine which cancers XAX is likely to be relevant in, and what results of these tests would support the decision to pursue XAX. The Role of Novel Receptor Tyrosine Kinase XAX in Cancer Treatment

In Cancer Treatment, The Role Of Novel Receptor TyrosinekinaseXAX 

The potential for therapeutics against cancer could be found in the sequence homology between receptor tyrosine kinase XAX and RTK MET. Two tests are required to determine the likely relevance of XAX in certain cancers. A bioinformatics test in which the structure and sequence of XAX is compared to other RTKs. This allows one to see if XAX may play a role similar to MET in cancers. Functional analysis is the second. This involves XAX being tested for the ability to bind with the same ligands and its ability activate the same downstream pathways. (Takano et. al., 2021). The positive results of these tests could indicate that XAX is a feasible target for cancer therapies and support the decision for further research and development. Cont…

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