You are working the front desk at a pediatrician’s office during the flu season. What is the most appropriate precaution to take to avoid infection? Precautionary Measures for Avoiding Infection During Flu Season at the Pediatrician’s Office

Take precautionary steps to prevent infection in flu season at your pediatrician’s office 

It is important to protect both staff and patients during flu season. As the front desk staff at a pediatrician’s office, there are several precautions you can take to avoid infection. It is important to maintain good hand hygiene. You can wash your hands often with soap, water, and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. When interacting or handing out paperwork to patients, you should avoid touching your skin, eyes or face. The second is to ensure that the office remains clean and tidy. It means wiping down all surfaces regularly and disinfecting shared objects like pens and clipboards. Toys and books must be regularly wiped clean, then replaced as needed. When interacting with patient families and loved ones, remember to use a mask. It will reduce illness spread and protect you and your family. Cont….

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