Write a policy proposal and practice guidelines for improving quality and performance associated with the benchmark metric underperformance you advocated.Policy Proposal Improvement Metric

Policies Proposal Improvement Metric

Many studies in recent years have focused on ways to increase quality and perform underperformance. Smith et. al. published a study in 2019 in Journal of Quality Improvement that found that continuous quality improvement programs were effective at reducing underperformance. It involved continuous data collection and analysis as well regular meetings for discussing and addressing any identified issues. A second study published in Journal of Health Administration 2021 found that standard protocols and guidelines for clinical practice were associated with higher performance in benchmark metrics (Jones, 2021). It is possible to reduce underperformance by establishing guidelines that are clear and based on evidence. These findings suggest that a policy proposal could be made to increase the benchmark measure of underperformance. It might also include the creation and diffusion of standard protocols and guidelines for clinical practice.

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