Write a memo to your supervisor that provides some analysis as to how the culture in your unit/department differs from and creates friction with another unit/department.Cultural Differences Opportunities

Cultural Differences Opportunities

Dear Supervisor: I want to raise some cultural differences I’ve observed within an organization between one unit/department (our unit/department) and another. Schein, 2019, defines culture as “the collection of shared beliefs and values, customs or behaviors that characterize an organization.” My observations show that the culture of our unit emphasizes teamwork and collaboration while the culture of the other unit places emphasis on individual accomplishment and competition. These cultural differences have created friction between the units. Members of one unit might not appreciate or be aware of the values and norms the other. Members of our unit may believe that focusing on individual success in another unit can be detrimental to overall organization success, while others in the same unit may find our emphasis on teamwork inefficient and unambitious. These cultural differences may present unique opportunities for an organization, but it is important to remember that they can be. We can encourage creativity and innovation by bringing people together with diverse cultural views (Jackson et. al. 2020).

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