Why is it important for nurse leaders employed in healthcare organizations to conduct an external analysis?Nurse Leaders External Analysis

Analyse of External Data on Nurse Leaders

A study in Journal of Nursing Management published 2021 found that “nurse leaders are crucial to the success of all healthcare organizations.” Nurse leaders need to have an in-depth understanding of both the external and internal factors that could impact their team’s success. (Scott & McInerney, 2021). An important part of this understanding involves conducting an exterior analysis. This is a process that analyzes and evaluates the environment within which healthcare organizations operate. These factors can include the regulatory environment and economic conditions as well as social and cultural trends. Nurse leaders should conduct an outside analysis for several reasons. According to a Journal of Healthcare Management article, an external analysis provides a “clear picture of the potential and threats facing an organization” that can be used for strategic planning and decision-making. By identifying these opportunities and threats, nurse leaders can proactively address them and position their organization for success (Loomis & Ginter, 2019).

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