Why does globalization of popular cultures cause problems? The Perils of Globalization of Popular Cultures

Globalization’s Perils for Popular Cultures

A variety of global problems have resulted from the globalization of popular culture. Globalization has caused an increase in the homogenization of cultures, with the more dominant cultures taking precedence over the less powerful ones (Fouberg, Murphy, & de Blij, 2017). As the dominant culture becomes the one that is accepted, homogenization may lead to loss of cultural identity (Ritzer 2004,). In addition, this globalization of cultures can lead to a decrease in the diversity of cultures which can be seen in the world, which can lead to a decrease in the appreciation for other cultures, as well as the possible extinction of certain cultural values (Fouberg, Murphy, & de Blij, 2017). Globalization can also lead to decreased local business due to the dominant culture taking precedence over all others (Ritzer 2004). The local economy can suffer as well as the employment possibilities. This globalized pop culture may also lead to decreased creative input from…

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