Why do you want to be a teacher and special education teacher?Why Become Special Education Teacher

Why become a teacher of special education?

An individual could choose to teach special education or be a teacher for a variety of reasons. Pre-service teachers most often cited the desire to be a teacher as the main reason they want to teach. Special education teachers may find it motivating to be able to support students with disabilities. They also have the possibility to develop and implement learning programs that are tailored to each student’s needs. Smith, 2020 A special education teacher might use a range of methods to engage students who don’t want to complete homework during class. A positive reinforcement approach could include praising students for finishing tasks, or rewarding progress with small rewards. A teacher might also help identify potential underlying problems that could be making it difficult for students to do class work. This may include boredom or frustration. A teacher can also assist the student with setting goals and creating a plan to reach them. This will help build their sense of ownership over learning and increase responsibility (Jones 2019).

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