Why are nitrogen-fixing bacteria beneficial? The Benefits of Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria

Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria – The Advantages

Both the environment and the organisms that depend upon nitrogen-fixing bacteria can benefit from their presence. While nitrogen is essential to all life, many ecosystems lack it. The role of nitrogen-fixing bacteria is crucial in replenishing soil nitrogen, which provides a vital resource for both plants and animals. The process is known as biological nitrogen fixing. It involves the conversion and use of nitrogen from atmospheric sources (Liu, Zhao, 2021). By reducing chemical fertilizers, nitrogen-fixing bacteria can also be an asset to the environment. Such fertilizers are linked to many environmental problems including soil depletion and water contamination (Liu (2018). Nitrogen-fixing bacteria reduces the use of synthetic fertilizers by providing a natural source and thus minimizes their environmental impact. Nitro-fixing bacteria is also beneficial to agricultural production. The natural supply of nitrogen allows plants to thrive, which results in better yields and higher quality products (Zhao, et al. 2021). It results in an increase in food production. This is particularly important for areas with poor soil quality or availability. Cont…

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