Why and how do earth densities differ? why do Saturn densities differ. Exploring Variations in Earth and Saturn’s Densities

Exploring variations in Saturn’s and Earth’s densities

Earth and Saturn, two of the planets in our Solar System, have vastly different compositions, mass and sizes. Their densities are one of the biggest differences between these planets. The density of Earth is typically higher than Saturn’s because it contains more dense material. It is composed mainly of silicate rock, while Earth’s interior is comprised of an iron-nickel hotter, denser core (McKay 2017, 2017). Saturn, on the other hand is less dense than Earth because of its smaller mass and larger composition. Saturn is mostly composed of hydrogen and helium, with a lower gravity allowing it to keep much of its gaseous state (University of Illinois 2020). Saturn has a less dense core of rock and water, which contributes to its lower density compared with Earth. Simply put, Earth has a higher density due to its greater mass and denser composition. Saturn, on the other hand, has a lower density due to its smaller mass, higher size and more…

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