Which was not a step in the process of X-ray diffraction that led to the determination of the structure of DNA? The Process of X-ray Diffraction and Its Role in the Determination of DNA Structure (2016-2021)

The Process of X-ray Diffraction, and its Role in Determining DNA Structure (2016-2021).

Since the early days of molecular studies, X-ray radiation diffraction was used to study the structures of molecules. The major breakthrough came in 1953 with the discovery of DNA’s structure. The process includes several steps, including crystallization, production of anX-ray beam and recording the diffraction pattern. Data interpretation is also involved. One key step that was necessary for the determination of DNA’s structure, however, wasn’t included in Xray diffraction. This is physical modeling. It was the crystallization of the sample that enabled the process to X-ray difffraction to determine the DNA structure. Crystallizing the sample allowed us to observe the structure of each molecule. Bhupal, et. al. (2020), “The molecules of the sample were crystallized by various methods such as slow evaporation, dialysis, centrifugation, and high-pressure crystallization.” This allowed for the production of an X-ray beam and the recording of the diffraction pattern. Another key stage in Xray diffraction was the production of an Xray beam. This allowed for the identification of the DNA structure. An interference pattern was created using the X-ray beam. This was then used to determine the distances between the atoms in the molecules. Cont….

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