Which statements about co-transcriptional processing and translation in eukaryotes is FALSE? “Co-transcriptional Processing and Translation in Eukaryotes: A Misconception”

“Co-transcriptional Processing in Eukaryotes and Translation: An Ignorance”

For many years, the idea that cotranscriptional processing in eukaryotes leads to translation has been circulated. Although it has been common belief that cotranscriptional processing is occurring in eukaryotes is incorrect. To further explore this myth, there have been several studies. Maruyama and colleagues conducted a 2016 study. Maruyama et al. examined co-transcriptional translation and its role in eukaryotes. Although co-transcriptional processes are possible in eukaryotes it is not as widespread. The study also showed that this process is not as common in eukaryotes. It was also shown that translation and co-transcriptional processing do not occur in eukaryotes. There is one false statement despite the recent progresses made in our understanding of cotranscriptional processing, translation in eukaryotes. For eukaryotes to be able to translate, co-transcriptional process is not required. Gao and colleagues concluded this in a 2016 study. This showed that eukaryotes can translate without co-transcriptional processing. Accordingly, co-transcriptional processing in order to translate in eukaryotes cannot be said. Cont….

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