Which of the following statements is true about exon amplification? Exon Amplification: A Primer on the Process and Its Benefits

Exon Amplification: An Overview of the Process and Its Beneficiaries

Exon amplifying is the process of increasing the expression and coding areas of genes. These regions are known as exons. This powerful tool is great for molecular biologists as it allows them to analyze gene expression and identify mutations. It can also be used in the production of recombinant protein. Exon amplification is a versatile tool that has gained popularity in recent years (Rutherford and colleagues, 2020). Exon amplification involves the use of polymerase chains reaction (PCR), to copy or amplify specific parts of a genome. This begins by identifying the exon to be amplified. The primer will bind to either the end or the beginning of the exon. The sequence is then amplified by PCR, creating multiple copies (Kumar and al., 2018,). Exon amplification offers many benefits. This allows scientists to find mutations which may cause certain disorders or traits. You can also express and produce recombinant protein. It can also be used for studying gene expression or detecting epigenetic modifications (Goncalves and al., 2016). Cont…..

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