Which of the following molecules is NOT a part of nucleotide-exision repair? The Molecule That Is Not a Part of Nucleotide-Exision Repair

The Molecule That Does Not Make Up Nucleotide-Exision Reparation 

Nucleotide repair is a main way to remove damaged or misaligned bases of DNA from a genome. This multi-step, complex process involves the identification of misaligned or damaged bases and then the removal of affected sections. Finally, repair is made to the gap. This is an essential step in genetic stability. It can be found in many species, including human beings. There are many molecules involved, but only one of them is part of NER. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), is an important molecule in many biological functions, including NER. It provides energy and fuel for many biological processes. This includes DNA repair. ATP does not participate in actual DNA repair, as it is separate from the other molecules that are involved with NER (such a polymerase and helicase). It provides energy for the other molecules. It is therefore not technically part of NER but is an essential enabling molecule. Cont…

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