Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons E. coli is a great model organism in the study of genetics? The Reasons Why E. Coli is Not a Great Model Organism in the Study of Genetics

E. Coli is not a great model organism in genetics research

E.coli is still popular today as a model organism. It isn’t without faults, and it could not be the best model organism to study genetics. E. coli does not belong to the vertebrate family, so it is not as genetically diverse as other species. The limitations in the application of E.coli results to other organisms can be a limitation (Gibson 2020). E.coli, being a prokaryote is not capable to express certain genes such as those that are involved in cell development (Gibson 2020). E. coli also lacks the same genetic tools as fruit flies and nematodes, which means that it is not as versatile as some other models organisms. E. coli limits the range of genetic studies possible (Valdez et.al., 2021). E.coli cannot house large-scale mutants due to its small size (El-Kassas 2016, 2016). E. coli can make complex genetic phenomena more challenging and take up much longer than other model organisms. Cont….

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