Which of the following is an indicator of a genetic disorder? Genetic Disorders: Identifying Indicators

Genetic Disorders: What Indicators Are Useful?

Genetic disorders can be caused by genetic mutations in one’s DNA. You can pass them down to your children or you can cause them yourself. These conditions can be diagnosed, treated, or even prevented by identifying the signs and symptoms. Many indicators are signs of genetic disorders, including changes in appearance, abnormalities with certain proteins, or problems with cell reproduction. Individuals with Down Syndrome have a tendency to be flat-faced, shorter necks, and downward-slanting eyes. People with cystic fibrosis also have low levels of a specific protein, the cystic fibrosis-transmembrane conductance regulate (CFTR). Aujla Jain and Jain (2016). Turner Syndrome is a rare condition in which one or both of the two sex genes are missing. This indicator can be identified by various testing, including genetic testing and chromosomal analyses. To determine if there are any abnormalities in a person’s DNA, chromosomal analysis is a way to examine the structure of their chromosomes. Cont…

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