Which of the following applies to the term ‘genetic drift’? The Impact of Genetic Drift on Human Health

Genetic Drift and Human Health

Gene frequencies are subject to genetic drift, which is a major evolutionary force. These changes can occur due to a number of factors including population size, migration patterns, selection and mating patterns. Human health is at risk from genetic drift. This can result in genetic disease spreading, genetic loss, or changes in allele frequencies. (Lasker, et al., 2016). Recent research suggests that genetic drift could play an important role when genetic diseases spread. Wirsing, Wirsing, and others. In 2020, Wirsing and colleagues found genetic drift could contribute to certain diseases like cystic Fibrosis or sickle-cell Anemia. These diseases can become more common in society, and can cause serious health problems. Additionally, genetic drift can lead to loss of genetic variation in the population, which can reduce the population’s ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions. (Chen, et al., 2021). Cont….

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