Which form of genetic mapping is least accurate (provides the lowest resolution between genes)? The Limitations of Linkage Mapping: The Least Accurate Form of Genetic Mapping

Linkage Mapping’s Limitations: Genetic Mapping is the Least Accurate

The use of linkage mapping to locate genes on chromosomes is one form of genetic map. This is done by following the generations and tracing how a gene, or group of genes was passed down through a family. The patterns of inheritance can be used to identify the genetic location or groups of genes in the genome. Although it is useful, linkage mapping does not provide the best form of genetic mapping. It provides only the lowest resolution between the genes. The limitation of linkage mapping lies in the fact it depends on the generation-to-generation inheritance of one or more genes to determine its exact location. Because genes can be changed or rearranged between chromosomes, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where they are. Because of this, linkage mapping resolution is restricted to the number and types of generation being studied. The presence of relatives within a family can affect the resolution of the linkage map, resulting in a reduced resolution between the genes (Chen and Tawfik, 2019, 2020). Cont…

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