What’s the likely mode of inheritance for this gene? The Likely Mode of Inheritance for a Gene: Examining the Evidence

A Gene’s Likely Inheritance: This is What We See

There are many factors to consider when considering the most likely inheritance method for a given gene. The type of mutation and its family history, as well as the prevalence in the general population, are all important factors to consider when determining the likely mode of inheritance for a gene. Certain types of mutations tend to be more easily passed from one parent than the other (Kamath and colleagues, 2019). Autosomal dominant mutations, for example, are more likely than those that can be passed on from one parent to the next (Sakul and al., 2016,). The likelihood of the gene being passed down is higher if it has a family history than if it doesn’t (Kamath, et al. 2019, 2019). Also, how common the gene is in the community can affect its mode of inheritance (Kamath, et al. 2019, 2019). If the gene is uncommon, it’s less likely that it will be passed on (Sakul, et al. 2016,). Cont….

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