What would you expect to happen to genetic variation within the population if you increase the rate of migration? The Impact of Migration on Genetic Variation

Genetic Variation: Impact of Migration

A direct impact on genetic variation in a population can be caused by the migration of individuals. As new genetic material is added to the gene pool by individuals who move more frequently, a greater diversity of genes can be achieved. Liu and colleagues. Liu et al. (2020) found that increased migration could significantly decrease the genetic distance between people and increase the sharing of genetic variability. Kirschner and colleagues. A study by Kirschner and colleagues (2016) showed that there can be a reduction in genetic variation among a population if the rate of migration is higher. But, this decline is not always permanent. Immigration can create new genetic diversity, counter inbreeding, and provide additional genetic diversity. The increase in migration may have positive or negative consequences for the genetic diversity within a particular population. One side can increase genetic distance among populations and promote sharing genetic variation. The other is that it can also introduce genetic diversity. However, this can lead to an increase in genetic variation within one population. Cont….

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