What were some obstacles faced by mammals that were overcome by the development of primates?

The Triumph of Primates: Overcoming Mammalian Obstacles

Mammals confronted a wide range of obstacles of their evolution, together with competitors from different species and the necessity to adapt to altering environments. Primates, nonetheless, have been in a position to efficiently overcome these obstacles, resulting in their dominance within the animal kingdom. By way of the event of superior cognitive talents and the power to make use of instruments, primates have been in a position to outcompete different mammals for sources and survive in a wide range of environments (Gaubert & Vianey-Liaud, 2018; Jolly, 2016). The event of complicated cognitive talents allowed primates to search out and make the most of new sources, similar to fruit and bugs, that weren’t accessible to different mammals (Gaubert & Vianey-Liaud, 2018). This supplied primates with a bonus when it comes to meals availability, permitting them to outlive in environments the place different mammals have been unable to take action. Equally, primates have been additionally ready to make use of instruments to entry meals sources that have been troublesome to succeed in, giving them a bonus over different species (Jolly, 2016). The flexibility to type social teams was additionally a significant component within the success of primates. Social teams allowed members to share sources, present safety, and entry a wide range of meals sources that might

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