What type of chemical reactions exist?Types of Chemical Reactions: Exploring the Different Types of Reactions

The Different Types Of Chemical Reactions: An Exploration of the Different Types

One set of molecules can be transformed into another by chemical reactions. The process happens when the reactants combine to create a new product. There are many types of chemical reactions. Each one follows its own rules and produces different results. The most popular types of chemical reactions are combustion, acid-base and precipitation. A type of chemical reaction, called combustion, occurs when fuel is oxidized and oxygen is added. Exothermic combustion reactions release heat and light, which is what makes them exothermic. For example, gasoline is made up of both hydrocarbons (and oxygen), which can be reactants to combustion reactions. After gasoline is ignited the hydrocarbons react with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water. Acid-base reactions are the exchanging of hydrogenions between an acid or a base. This type of reaction occurs when an acid gives a proton back to a base. It results in the formation a new compound (Palmer 2020).

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