What sequencing involves using sonic waves to break up the DNA into random sizes before randomly sequencing clones. The Process of Sonic Wave Sequencing: Breaking Up DNA into Random Sizes

Sonic Wave Sequencing – Breaking down DNA into random sizes

The process of Sonic Wave Sequencing is used to separate DNA strands into randomly sized pieces before sequencing the clones. This is used to get a better picture of genetic information within DNA strands. Sonic wave sequencing is a method that uses sound waves for breaking down DNA into smaller pieces. The sound waves used to break up the DNA are called “sonic waves” and are generated at frequencies of about 1–3 MHz (Chen et al., 2020). These sound waves trigger DNA strands’ vibration and breaking down to produce pieces of DNA in various sizes. Next, you will need to create clones from the fragments. A sequencing machine reads and generates sequences from the genetic information within each DNA fragment. Cloning sequencing is a process that can determine the sequence of DNA strands (Gong and al. 2019, 2019). Cont….

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