What phylum contains coelomates? The Phylum: Coelomates

The Phylum: Colomates 

A group of animals known as coelomates is made up of animals with a cavity in their bodies called a “coelom”. The coelom is used to store and digest waste products, and allows for digestion. There are many coelomates in animals, including mollusks and arthropods. Coeloms are fluid-filled cavities lined with a membrane. The fluid secretes a coelomic liquid, which regulates body temperature and protects internal organs. The fluid acts as an absorber and protects against sudden changes or impacts in the environment. Since Richard Owen, a biologist, first recognized the existence of a cavity within these animals in the 19th-century, the classification of coelomates is known (Eisenman 2016,). The evolutionary significance of the coelom has been revealed by research. There have been studies that show the presence of a colom offers a number benefits to the host organism (Kumar and al. 2020). Cont….

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