What opportunities provided the impetus for evolution from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens?

Evolution of Homo erectus into Homo sapiens

The Homo anerectus period provided many opportunities for evolution from Homo humana to Homo sapiens. Homo erectus first began to appear approximately 2 million years ago, and were the first species of human to have evolved from the earlier Homo habilis species (Klein & Edgar, 2016). Homo sapiens was able to adapt to different environments and developed weapons and tools. They also began moving out of Africa towards Europe and Asia during their stay on Earth (McGraw-Hill 2019). They were able to thrive in many environments and circumstances, eventually leading to Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens were the first species of human to have evolved modern human traits, including the ability to use complex language (Klein & Edgar, 2016). They were also able to use advanced technology and tools to help them adapt and continue to survive. Homo sapiens was able out-compete all other human species, leading eventually to Homo extinctus around 200,000 years ago. (McGraw-Hill 2019, McGraw-Hill). New possibilities provided new impetus to the evolution of Homo Sapiens, which was originally Homo erectus.

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