What needs to happen during the cell cycle? Cell Cycle: What Needs to Happen for Cells to Replicate?

Cell Cycle: What Must Occur for Cells to Replicate? 

The cell cycle is a vital course of which helps the cells in our physique to divide, replicate after which differentiate. It performs a vital function in our physique’s progress and improvement, and is important for the survival of our species (Chen et al., 2016). In the course of the cell cycle, the dad or mum cell divides into two daughter cells. This course of is named mitosis, and it’s divided into 4 distinct phases: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase. Throughout Prophase, the chromosomes are condensed and turn into seen, and the nuclear membrane begins to interrupt down (Gonzalez-Sulser et al., 2020). Throughout Metaphase, the chromosomes line up in the course of the cell. Throughout Anaphase, the duplicated chromosomes separate and transfer in the direction of reverse poles of the cell (Kumar et al., 2021). Throughout Telophase, the nuclear membrane reforms and the chromosomes uncoil. After this, cytokinesis happens, which is the bodily separation of the 2 daughter cells. Cont….

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