What makes up the endoskeleton of echinoderms? The Endoskeleton of Echinoderms

Echinoderms’ Endoskeleton

Endoskeleton is an important structure in echinoderms that provides support, strength and protection. There are many structures that make up the endoskeleton, such as spines, spines, and calcareous plates. This depends on which species of echinoderm the structure is. Endoskeleton plates are made of calcium carbonate. They are usually arranged in specific patterns to help protect soft tissues. Depending on species, these plates may vary in their size, shape, and thickness. Also made from calcium carbonate spines can be more narrow and pointed than plates. These structures are designed to aid the organism in its movement and protect it from predators. The endoskeleton also includes splices, which are another type of structure. They can appear needlelike and are found either in high concentrations or sparsely distributed (Kumar (2018); Gao et. al., 2020). Echinoderms’ endoskeleton is vital for their survival. The endoskeleton provides support, mobility, protection and stability for the organism. It also regulates the body’s temperature. It can be very different depending on the species, but is an integral part of any organism’s anatomy. Cont…

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