What major event took place approximately 450 million years ago and caused the creation of the Bar Harbor Formation?

The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Events: Their Impact on the Formation of Bar Harbor

Earth was witness to an extraordinary event approximately 450million years ago. This event, known as the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event or GOBE, had a significant impact on our planet. The event led to an increase in biodiversity, and new life forms. Global climate was also affected by this event. The oceans were cooled and new habitats created for different species. It was this event that led to the formation the Bar Harbor Formation. This Formation is found in Maine. Bar Harbor Formation is made up of sedimentary rock that was formed from the GOBE. James, 2019. The rocks are rich in fossils of Ordovician-era organisms, making them a key site for research into the GOBE. Scientists can also find fossils of cephalopods and trilobites in the sedimentary rocks, which helps them understand how the GOBE changed. This formation provides evidence for the evolution of various species as well as the climate and ocean changes that took place at the time. James, 2019.

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