what issues are present with the waterfall development model?Comparing Waterfall and Agile Software Development

Comparison of Waterfall Software Development and Agile Software Development

A problem with waterfall development models is their linear structure. Changes or modifications cannot be made after a phase has ended (Boehm 2018, 2018). Because it is rigid, this can make the project difficult to adjust for changing requirements and new issues. Agile methodology solves these problems by using iterative, incremental approaches that allow for continual testing, feedback, as well as the incorporation and modification of changes through the whole project (Highsmith 2022). It allows for more flexibility and quicker response to change. These issues will be most affected by the Agile methodology’s use of frequent and regular communication between members of the team. (Cockburn, 2021). This allows all team members to communicate and collaborate effectively, allowing for quick resolutions and solutions. The agile approach also has other benefits for the software development cycle, such as increased efficiency and productivity, higher quality products and customer satisfaction (Schwaber und Beedle 2019).

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