What is your recommendation for a pt. with 8.8 PAB, stage 4 pressure ulcer with kidney insufficiency? defend your answer. My Recommendation for a Patient with 8.8 PAB, Stage 4 Pressure Ulcer, and Kidney Insufficiency

The following is my recommendation to a patient with stage 4 pressure ulcer (8.5 PAB), kidney insufficiency, or Stage 4 pressure Ulcer 

Given the complexity of this patient’s condition, my recommendation is to focus on comprehensive management of the pressure ulcer, while also considering the patient’s overall health. A comprehensive treatment plan for pressure ulcers should involve a thorough assessment, the creation of an individual plan of care and regular reassessment. In addition, the patient’s kidney insufficiency should be taken into consideration when developing the plan of care. A patient with kidney insufficiency is associated with a higher risk of developing pressure ulcers and slower healing (Hood, et al. 2017). Thus, it is important to monitor the patient’s renal function throughout the care process and adjust the plan of care as necessary. It may be necessary to avoid medications that can cause renal impairment, as well as providing additional nutrition and wound care where needed (Hood and colleagues, 2017). Also, it is important to consider the patient’s overall health and comorbidities when creating a plan of care. Lifestyle modifications, such as increased physical activity and quitting smoking, may be beneficial to the patient. Cont…

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