What is the role of EF-Tu? The Role of EF-Tu in Protein Synthesis

Protein Synthesis and the Role of EF–Tu

EF–Tu (or elongation-factor-Tu) is an essential bacterial protein. It plays an integral part in the process for protein synthesis. EF-Tu plays an important role in selecting and positioning the right amino acids on a growing peptide chains during translation. EF-Tu also functions as a GTPase, carrying charged aminoacyl-tRNA compounds to the ribosome at translation initiation. EF-Tu participates in selection, binding, and release of aminoacyl tRNA complexes to the ribosome. It also hydrolyzes GTP to GDP. (Usharani et.al., 2020). EF-Tu is also involved in the regulation of certain genes. EF-Tu can interact directly with transcription elements, like the HSF1 transcription factor, to regulate activity and the expression specific genes (Moriyama et.al., 2016,). EF-Tu also regulates gene expression at post-transcriptional levels by mediating the formation and stability of mRNA transcriptions (Kumar et. al., 2021). Cont…

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