What is the process of breaking triglycerides down into their component parts? The Process of Breaking Triglycerides Down into Their Component Parts

A process for breaking down Triglycerides in to their components

It is crucial for the digestion and absorption of triglycerides (a type of fat found within food) by ensuring that they are broken down. This begins with lipases. These enzymes hydrolyze the triglycerides and produce two fatty acids as well as one monoglyceride mole (Hou 2020). They then hydrolyze these molecules into free and reduced fatty acids, as well as glycerol (Changet al. 2021). The cells then transport the free fatty acids to them, where they can be used in energy production (Sarafraz and al. (2016)). Glycerol molecules are then taken up by the liver, and used to produce glucose (Liu, et al. 2018). The body then releases this glucose into its bloodstream and uses it as an energy source. Finaly, cells further break down the fat acids into acetylCoA molecules. This is then used by cells to generate energy for the Krebs cycle (Vural, et al. 2019,). Cont….

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