What is the Oxidized product when CH3CH(OH)CH2CH3 is oxidized

The Oxidation and Reduction of CH3CHCH(OH)CH2CH3 – An Overview

Since many years, the oxidation CH3CH (OH)CH2CH3, commonly known as 2-butanol has been investigated. The chemical industry has used this reaction to remove electrons from a molecule. 2-butanone, also known by the name methyl-ethylketone (MEK), is an oxidized CH3CH(OH).CH2CH3 product. The reaction is extremely exothermic and can be used to produce fuels, solvents and other chemicals. Ghosh et. al. 2020. This reaction is performed by the elimination of hydrogen atoms within the molecule. There are many oxidizing agents that can do this. The most common oxidizing agents are chromium oxide (VI), nitric acids (KMnO4), and potassium permanganate. These oxidizing agents react with CH3CH (OH)CH2CH3 to produce 2-butanone. This study has provided extensive information about the mechanisms of the oxidation CH3CH(OH),CH2CH3. Ghosh, et. al. According to Ghosh and colleagues (2020), this reaction occurs through a radical-chain process. First, the oxidizing agents attack the alcohol functional groups, then they oxidize the carbon-carbon bond. This reaction produces a mixture consisting of 2-butanone, water.

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