What is the most important thing that individuals, businesses, or governments can do to ensure a sustainable future and stop the global warning? Give two reasons why this is the best thing to do. The Most Effective Way to Stop Global Warming: Reducing Carbon Emissions

To Stop Global Warming, Reduce Carbon Emissions is The Best Way

Reduce carbon emissions is the most crucial thing that individuals, companies, and governments can do in order to create a sustainable world and prevent global warming. The primary cause of climate change is carbon emissions. Therefore, it’s important to cut down on the atmospheric carbon. (Friedman 2019). Reduce carbon emissions are possible by avoiding burning fossil fuels. Instead, invest in renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind or hydroelectric. (Hansen and al., 2017). They are more sustainable for the environment and can provide long-term energy supplies that will be reliable. There are two benefits to reducing carbon emissions. The first is that it helps to reduce climate change’s effects by decreasing the levels of heat-trapping chemicals in the atmosphere. (Hansen, et al. 2017). It will also help protect the planet against the most severe effects of global warming such as extreme weather events and sea level rise. The second is to invest in renewable energy and move away from fossil fuels. This will increase employment, promote economic growth, reduce pollution, and create more jobs.

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