What is the metabolic process (not photosynthesis or cellular respiration) that is likely being inhibited the algae bloom called alexandrium minutum that causes some whales to die. The Impact of Alexandrium Minutum on the Metabolic Process of Whales

Alexandrium Minutum’s Impact on the Metabolic Process of Whales

Red Tide, a highly toxic algal bloom that can prove fatal and dangerous for humans is caused by Alexandrium minutum (a dinoflagellate species). The blooms can cause massive mortality in whales, and other large marine mammals (Lopez 2016,). The exact cause of toxic effects from Alexandrium minutum are unknown, but recent research has suggested that they may be caused by the inactivation of whale metabolic processes. These metabolic processes are related to essential nutrients, such as vitamins and amino acids. Alexandrium minutum acts by producing potent neurotoxins that are then released into the environment and can be absorbed in the body. The toxins may cause impairments to essential metabolic processes and disrupt the normal function of the nervous system (Lopez 2016). These toxins can cause a variety of issues, including decreased energy and growth as well as impaired immunity system function, and death. Cont….

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