What is the impact of gender and ethnicity on sports.Impact Gender Ethnicity Sports

The Impact of Gender Ethnicity in Sports

Research on gender and ethnicity’s impact on sport is growing. Recent research published in Journal of Sport Management 2020 revealed that female athletes still face discrimination and are subject to barriers such as lower funding levels, less media attention, or limited access to facilities. A second study, published in The International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, in 2019, found that Black Americans are often “underrepresented” in some sports, especially those which can be financially profitable (Jones 2019). Research has shown that the industry faces additional obstacles for ethnic and racial minorities. Smith and colleagues 2021, published an article in Journal of Sport Management 2021 that stated “minority coaches at all levels of the sport face many obstacles to progression.” It is important because studies have shown that diversity can make a difference in the success and development of athletes (Smith, 2021).

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