What is the function of parapodia? The Function of Parapodia in Marine and Freshwater Organisms

The Role of Parapodia In Marine And Freshwater Organisms

Complex appendages called parapodia can be found in many freshwater and marine organisms. Parapodia are useful for many functions including locomotion and feeding. Although parapodia can be found in many animals, including mollusks, crustaceans and annelids (Mackie, Schultze 2016), they are also present in some fishes such as lampsreys. In some species, parapodia can be used to locomotion. These are most common in annelids where they create wavelike motions that aid the organism to move through water (Kirk 2017). Parapodia can also be used in some species to help hold on to objects, allowing the organism to remain stable. You can feed parapodia. Parapodia are useful in filtering out food particles from water. Other species such as crabs use them to manipulate and tear down prey. Parapodia can be used to breathe in some species. Parapodia allow bivalves to get oxygen out of the water. Parapodia can be used by some worm species, like the lugworm to make oxygen-rich water, which is used in respiration. Cont…

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