What is the expected total time of the coalescent (TC) for a sample of 3 alleles? If there were 5 generations per year and an N of 100, what would be the (TC) in years? The Expected Total Time of the Coalescent (TC) for a Sample of 3 Alleles

For a sample of three alleles, the expected total time of coalescence (TC)

Coalescence is an important technique for population genetics. It is used to examine the evolution of genealogical relations among individuals. A coalescent refers to the amount of time that it takes for alleles in a population to return to their common ancestor. (Hudson 2020). For a sample of three alleles, the total time for the coalescent can be determined by considering the number and N of generations. If 5 generations were produced per year with an N of 100 then 2.5 years would be the time it takes to coalesce (Hudson 2016). A powerful tool to analyze the evolutionary history of an individual is the coalescent. Researchers can use the coalescent to learn more about genealogical relations among alleles and the rate of evolution within a particular population. Researchers can use the expected coalescent time (TC) to plan experiments and analyze their results. The TC would take 2.5 years if there were five generations per year with an N of 100. (Hudson 2021). Cont…

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