What is the effect of G1/S phase CDKs on S phase CDK inhibitor. The Effect of G1/S Phase CDKs on S Phase CDK Inhibitor

A Study on the Impact of S Phase CDK inhibitors and G1/S Phase CDKs

G1/S Phase Cyclin Dependent Kinase(CDK) is an important regulator of cell cycle transitions from G1 to S phases. This family is responsible for the activation of key events, including the phosphorylation and inhibition of CDKi in the S phase. G1/S-phase CDKs may play an important role in regulation of S Phase CDKi, according to Koshiyama and colleagues (2016). G1/S-phase CDKs are capable of inhibiting the activity and phosphorylating S phase CDKi according to studies (Koshiyama, et al. 2016). G1/S Phase CDKs can phosphorylate S phase CDKi and inhibit its activity, preventing the cell prematurely entering the S-phase (Gonzalez Lopez (2018)). It helps to maintain cell integrity and ensures proper cell cycle progression. G1/S Phase CDKs also regulate other proteins involved in S phase CDKi activation (Gonzalez Lopez et al. 2018, 2018). Cont….

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