What is the difference between profile and plan curvature measures?

What is the difference between Plan Curvature Measures and Profile Measures?

The two methods of measuring the surface curvature are profile and plan curvature. Plan curvature measures the curvature of a surface over a plane, while profile curvature can be measured along a curve or line. In other words profile curvature refers to the curvature a single line or curve has, while plan curluture refers to the entire curvature. A circular arc, for example, has a plan curvature that is one and a profile curve of one (Agarwal 2018, 2018). The most commonly used of these two measurements, profile curvature can be used to describe the curve or line’s shape. This is measured along the normal, or perpendicular, line at any given point. (Agarwal (2018) The plan curvature on the otherhand measures the curvature a surface, not a line or curve. The curvature is measured on the plane which is parallel to the surface at that point (Agarwal 2018). Profile curvature is the measurement of the curvature a single line or curve has, while plan curvature measures that of the entire surface.

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