What is the definition of virtue ethics, according to Pellegrino? A Definition According to Pellegrino

Pellegrino defines the term “definition”

Edmund Pellegrino developed virtue ethics, a moral theory that emphasizes character over consequences or rules. According to Pellegrino, “Virtue ethics holds that moral life is a life of pursuit of excellence. It is the pursuit of the highest good for the individual and for society.” (Pellegrino, 2016). Pellegrino’s definition of virtue ethics emphasizes the importance of living a life of excellence and doing what is best for both the individual and society as a whole. Pellegrino explains further that virtue ethics does not depend on any rules or guidelines. Instead, he suggests that virtue ethics is based on the notion that good or bad behavior is determined by “the character of the moral actor” (Pellegrino, 2016). The moral merit of an action is determined by the character of its performer. For example, Pellegrino explains that “one who has a good character. Cont…

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