What is cross match of the blood? Cross Matching of Blood: An Overview

The Cross-Matching of Blood An Overview

Cross Matching of Blood is used to determine compatibility of potential donors with potential recipients of transfusions. Cross Matching of Blood is the last step in a series that tests the compatibility of donor and recipient blood. It’s an essential part of modern blood transfusion processes. It begins by collecting blood samples from the recipient as well as the donor. This blood is then tested for different antigens found on the surface cells of red blood cells. If both antigens from the recipient and the donor are compatible, then the cross match can be considered positive. Transfusions with donor blood will not be allowed if this happens. In the early 1900s, cross matching was invented and it has been an integral part transfusion medicine ever since. The cross matching process has improved over the years, and it is still considered the most reliable test for compatibility between recipient and donor blood. Multiple studies have proven the reliability of the test, and there has been a decrease in false-positive rates of 0.1% in most recent studies. (Vasquez, 2020; Gottschall, 2016,). Cont….

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