What is a major enzyme involved with the toxins causing whale death from the algal blooms containing saxitoxin. The Major Enzyme Involved With Toxins Causing Whale Death From Algal Blooms Containing Saxitoxin

A Major Enzyme Associated With Toxins Causes Whale Death from Algal Blooms Containing Xaxitoxin

Saxitoxin can be a neurotoxin. It is produced by some dinoflagellates that bloom to respond to environmental changes. Bioaccumulation of toxic substances in the whales’ bodies is a leading cause of death. Although saxitoxin may be the main toxin, there are many enzymes that could also play a role in its creation and toxic effects. This process is led by the gene family of saxitoxin synthetase, (STX). The Royal Society of Chemistry conducted a 2019 study that found STX was responsible for the production of saxitoxin (and other toxic analogues) in 2019. Kumar et. al., 2019. This study also revealed the mechanism by which STX creates the toxic substance in the cells of dinoflagellate fish and its release into the surrounding environment. The authors also concluded that STX was essential for its formation and toxicity. Understanding the genetics involved could reduce the likelihood of whale deaths and algal blooms (Kumar and al., 2019,). Cont…

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