what happened and use the stratigraphic principles.

The Stratigraphy of the Great Unconformity

The Great Unconformity refers to a significant stratigraphic discontinuity that is found in the geologic records. It represents an interruption in deposition of sedimentary stones. This feature is of great importance for the stratigraphic interpretation sedimentary basins. It can be found in many geological locations around the globe. Numerous studies have been done on the Great Unconformity, which can be thought to represent millions of years worth of geologic time lost. James Hall, an American geologist first described the Great Unconformity late in 19th century. James Hall noticed an unconformity in the Appalachian Mountains’ Cambrian-Precambrian strata. Hall initially used the term ‘Great Unconformity’ to describe the unconformity in the Appalachians (Hall, 2019). Now, the Great Unconformity has been recognized as the largest unconformity in geologic records and was used to separate the Paleozoic from Precambrian periods (Geology.com 2020).

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