What do you view as the benefits and the risks of CRISPR?

Explore the potential of Genome Editing Tools: The Risks and Benefits of CRISPR

The CRISPR genome editing tool has the potential for revolutionizing medicine and biotechnology. CRISPR stands to Clustered Regularly Inspaced Short Palindromic repeats. This tool allows scientists edit living organisms’ DNA (Molenaar 2019). It has been used for the creation of new types of plants and animals, as well to find treatments for various diseases (Goncalves, 2020). CRISPR can be dangerous, despite its potential. CRISPR has many potential benefits. CRISPR is able to modify genetic code and can therefore be used to correct genetic disorders caused by mutations (Komor et. al., 2016). You can use it to make new varieties of food crops. This will enable you to increase food production (Goncalves et al., 2020). CRISPR can also be applied in gene therapy. This could potentially help with a number of different diseases (Komor and al., 2016).

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