What depositional environment would we see poorly sorted materials (ex: sand, silt and pebbles, maybe gravel or boulders)?

The poorly sorted depositional environment

Poorly sorted depositsional environments are characterized by different types and sizes of sediment. High-energy water and wind can create this environment, which is strong enough to move various sediment sizes but weak enough not to sort them into separate layers. This means that the sediment types and sizes remain mixed up in the environment. One example of an environment that is not properly sorted is a beach, or river delta. These environments are often made up of silt, gravel, small boulders and pebbles. A poorly sorted environment may also contain organic materials that were swept away by wind or water. These organic materials can be found in plant matter, shells or any other biogenic particles mixed with sediment (Dwyer 2018, 2018). Poorly sorted environments can have different levels and types of sedimentation. Some areas may see more sedimentation than others. This could lead to thicker sediment layers (Coates 2019, 2019).

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