What are the steps of design systems? Describe your understanding of the integration testing? Integration testing

Integration testing

The integration testing process is essential in software development. This is the test of how different parts interact with each other. This test is intended to verify that the entire system works as it should and ensure that changes made in any one component of the system don’t adversely affect the rest. There are many types of integration testing, including system and functional tests as well as unit, acceptance, and system tests. Integrating testing is a process that ensures all components can work together properly. Kumar (2018). Design systems usually include design, analysis, development, testing, and implementation. The various objectives and tasks that the system will accomplish are identified during the analysis phase. Design involves creating diagrams, models and specifications to be implemented. Implementation involves actual programming and development. The testing phase includes integration testing, as well as other tests, to make sure that the system is working properly (Liang and al. 2020). Integrating testing is an integral part of the testing phase. It is meant to verify that all the. Cont…

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