What are the characteristics of a learning organization.Characteristics Of Learning Organization

Characteristics Of Learning Organization

According to “The Characteristics of a Learning Organization” by Abbasi & Abbasi (2019), a learning organization is characterized by a “shared vision, a sense of team learning, a problem-solving culture, and a focus on continuous improvement.” Employees are encouraged to collaborate and learn from each other to improve their processes and solve problems. Kolb 2020 argues that learning organizations should be open to “experimentation and risk-taking” as well as “reflection.” The organization can be adaptable and flexible because it is able to quickly learn from its successes and fail and adjust accordingly. Furthermore, “Fostering a Culture of Continuous Learning” (Watkins & Marsick 2021), discusses the importance of leadership in fostering a culture of continuous learning. Leaders must encourage lifelong learning, and provide opportunities for employees to participate in learning activities that will help build a learning culture.

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