What are some precautions or limitations to consider when choosing that particular food preservation method? The Benefits and Limitations of Food Preservation

Food Preservation’s Benefits and Limitations 

Food preservation can be a useful tool to reduce food waste and extend the shelf-life of food. This can reduce costs and prevent food-related diseases. When choosing the best food preservation technique, however, there are many things to take into account. The best preservation method will depend on the food. High-acid food items such as jams and fruits can be canned, while lower-acid foods like vegetables, meats and fish can only be preserved through pressure canning. You may need different ingredients and equipment for each method, including lids and jars. Some methods such as dehydration may need specialized equipment or expertise in order to preserve the food properly (Kumar and colleagues, 2019). When preserving food, it is important to consider food safety. All preservation methods can create an environment which is conducive to. Cont…

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