What are some of the physical changes that occur in early and middle adulthood? How can some of these changes impact health? How might these changes impact cognitive and psychosocial development in middle adulthood? The Impact of Physical Changes on Health, Cognitive and Psychosocial Development in Early and Middle Adulthood

How physical changes affect health, cognitive and psychosocial development in early and middle adulthood

Early and middle adulthood are characterized by physical and cognitive changes. Early adulthood is a time when the body undergoes changes in its metabolism, weight, bone mass and muscle mass. This can result in health issues such as obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis (Lambert 2020; Hogan and al. 2017, 2017). The quality of their lives can decrease as people get older. Maisano and colleagues (2018) also suggest that there is a drop in motor skill and physical activity. In addition, social isolation can be caused by declines in sight and hearing (Vaz, 2021). The physical changes that occur in middle-age can have a negative impact on cognitive development. People age experience declines of memory, processing speed and executive function (Lambert 2020). This can lead to difficulty in problem solving and decision making (Kundu & Weber, 2019). Physical changes may also lead to psychological development problems such as anxiety and depression (Lambert 2020; Hogan, et al. 2017, 2017). Cont…

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